Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Update (6/2/10)

I wanted to let everyone know I am still alive and kicking. I went with Mark to Summit City Comic Con. It was great and Mark got me this great picture of our wow toons sketch there. I love this picture. This is just the low res of the picture cause the nice version is a big file. 

It also mark the one year anv of Mark and me being together as well. He is the best. 

I most likely do another random post soon. 


Thursday, April 15, 2010

How Many Toons Do You Have?

Some people like to ask how many level 80 people have.  Most people I know have one to three 80s now a days. When I tell how many 80 I have people don't believe me. Currently I have 14 at the time of this writing. Here is a list of my toons below.





This is a list of  major servers I play on the most. I have more lowbie toons on different servers but I wanted to list the ones I have 80s on. I love this game a lot and sometimes too much. Soon I will have 15 once my shaman dings 80. I love playing in a tanking role. I have been told when I play on any of my tanking toons that I am great at tanking. I take great pride that I can tank in any class that can tank. 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Update (4/14/10)

Hey Folks! How is your April going? Mine is so so. Week two of my new guild, Delirium, is going pretty well so far. If they don't get a 10 man going this week I might have to look at going back to my old guild. I really like to get my frost badges. 

Also this week my wonderful bf, Mark, is out of town at his folks with his kids. It's so nice to see a dad care and love his kids so much. My dad wasn't around for me and never help me. I wish more dads can be like him and care about their kids.  I do miss him while he is out of town the weekend can't come too soon. 

I am looking forward to May thou. On May 22nd is the day of Summit City Comic Con. Mark and me are going that weekend to see artist and all the cool stuff there. It's something I been looking forward for a good while. Also in May it will be one year anv of Mark and me meeting/going out. It's hard to believe it's been one year. It seems like it has been longer. 

Update 04/15/10: I am going back to pent later today. Things came up in that guild that I couldn't handle anymore so I am glad they are having me back. 

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just a little rant...

I wanted to rant about my Pally's, Manga, raid not going off. At least we got weekly done but not icc like plan. I know people have lives too but people sign up and we even got new people too but people seem like they don't want to go. I don't know what to do. I love my guild. They are pretty much a good group of people. But I want to raid and see ICC/Lich King go down. I pay to see his ass go down. I know I can see it before new xpac, but if raids don't happen sooner or later I might have to go searching for a new guild.

Also wanted to vent that if one person doesn't show up for a raid usally the other members don't show up. That another thing that been irking me. I know some people in the guild thinks they are better cause either they have a toon in a high end raiding guild or have special title  or what not. They should remember about the little people/guild members who have help out but haven't received help in return.

This is my pally (used to be Vikirnoff on Bloodhoof-Horde)

If anyone knows of a good guild, doing icc please let me know. :)

Another Tuesday Downtime

Another Tuesday down time has come upon us. I take the time to check out mmo-champion.com to see if there any good wow news. I see this:

Cataclysm Testing Will Start in April
Many people wonder when will the beta of Cataclysm will start, it's time to (try to) answer that question!

As far as I know, the Beta is supposed to start in April. At this point it's not very clear if there will be a Friends & Family Alpha, if there is one it hasn't been widely advertised internally.

This is probably why Blizzard decided to spoil the Cataclysm Prologue in 3.9 a few weeks ago and waaaay before it's deployed on live servers. They're not huge fans of spoilers and the only reason to do it is to make sure people know what's going on when they eventually play on Beta servers.

From a technical point of view, I guess it also explains why most of the assets for both Patch 3.3.5 and Patch 3.9 have been deployed with Patch 3.3. It's probably much easier to maintain a Beta and a Live build at the same time when you don't have to deploy tons of files just because you had to add something on live servers.

Of course, this is a pretty risky news because Beta tests can be postponed if something funny happens but as far as I'm concerned, it should definitely happen in April. If the beta lasts as long as WotLK's you can expect a release of the expansion in September/October, most likely before the Blizzcon.

And before someone smart posts in comments, I do realize it's not hard to predict that. We all know that Cataclysm will be released in 2010, we all know how much time a beta test takes and we all know the beta will start in April/May/June. But I'll just pretend it was an April's Fool joke if I'm wrong, you can do that in May.

No matter what happens, you will NOT get any beta invitation before it's officially announced. Anything you receive is a huge scam to steal your account.

I hope it's true, but maybe it's an early April's fool joke. For you people who don't have a calendar it's on Thursday. I wonder what else Blizzard will do this year for there joke. 

Well it's about 1:30pm here. The servers will be up soon, I hope. I have some laundry to do in the mean time. I can't wait for Cataclysm. I am not sure if I stay as a pally or choose something else. 

I leave you with this moving music wow video. This video touches me cause I play both sides

Monday, March 29, 2010

First Post... Popping the Cherry!

Welcome! I am not sure what brings you here but just to let you know this blog is pretty random. I love to talk about WoW, life, love and whatever is on my mind. 

The title of this blog is part of what I am. I play a lot of World of Warcraft. I love the game a lot. I love playing guy toons over girls sometimes. I watched an awesome called I Play as a chick ft Wick, Sharm, and Tradechat. 

That where I got the idea for the name of this blog. I will post most likely on and off. Enjoy the video. :)